Art Director


2011 – 2013

Full time contract position. While here, I was brought on to work in the eCommerce image retouching/management department. My experience at Xonex with product photography and image manipulation was a great boon for securing this role.

At Belk, my initial duties were to become familiar enough with their in-house content management system so I could take product photography, place it on a pre-determined template, and assign it to the correct product log file. By the end of my tenure there, I was in-charge of specific departments and was working on-site at the product photography studio overseeing product styling. I also established style guidelines* and built a style guide book, coordinated with vendors/merchandisers, and built the swatch library and codified the process for it. An additional task I took on was training new photo retouchers, developing training packets/materials, and reviewing their work.

* Fun Fact: Due to my revision in product presentation photography, sales were boosted over 160%.

Sometimes there's only 1 sample and we didn't have it. Instead, I would be sent swatches and product in alternate colors with the sole intent of cobbling together a finished image of product for sale.

Another instance where the only sample we had was in hot pink, but the vendor was also looking to sell the product in an alternate set of colors.

Some vendors submit their own photography, but it often needs some assistance to look the role.

Sometimes color would vary slightly while on set for a variety of reasons. It was part of my responsibilities to ensure that the colors in the photograph matched those of the swatch samples I would have in-hand.

In this instance, the plus-sized model was mis-cast for the shoot. The product was not available in plus size, so the photography had to be altered.

Training Packet for New Hires