There's no such thing as paddle pressure!

Rowing has been my first competitive athletic endeavor and with some success. Started out as a coxswain when I didn't know bow from stern nor port from starboard... I even counted past 10! Had no clue what I was doing, but worked my way to become the men's A-Boat cox. I finally got my opportunity to start sweeping and was quickly plopped into bow seat as a starboard. I occasionally will stroke sweep shells, but my main focus has been on sculling... and winning. Striving to be both a silk merchant and a hammer, but really I just get stuck in bow...

Check out what I'm up to in my training on Strava.

Dungeons & Dragons

What's your marching order again?

If one game was one to inspire creativity and collaborative problem-solving, D&D is it. I've been playing for years with different groups of people and reflecting on my times as a player has inspired me to start my own game with a (large) group of newbies who have always wanted to play, but never had the opportunity to do so. To be able to introduce and lead such a group has only made me a better communicator.


We are made of star stuff.  Carl Sagan

I have a hobbyist interest in planet science and space travel. And yes, classic science fiction as well (the spice must flow!).