Creative Director

Belmont Rowing Center

2014 – 2017

My first introduction to the world of rowing was through a volunteer role in the coxswain seat. I had never done anything crew-related before, however the fledgling non-profit needed coxswains. And it's only snowballed from there.

The club had just moved to Belmont, NC and had no name, no brand identity, nothing... but wanted to grow. As a part of Hebdon Design, I assisted with the brand development, but my real focus was to establish a presence. I re-built the website, set up back-end systems for organization, eNewsletters, and began a social media presence. I also took event photography, created promotional cards/flyers/brochures, and created signage.

However, as my sculling skills grew, so did my time commitment to training for regattas. I was unable to keep up both my training and my creative duties.