Product/Graphic Designer


2007 – 2009

Collegiate internship turned full time freelance. The most fun and creative role here was product design for both Xonex and their clients. However, I also did product photography, photo editing/retouching, print graphic design work, and website design & coding.

I started out as an intern and shadowed the staff designer. Here I began to do the production work for print catalogs.

When the on-staff designer left for another position, Xonex decided to bring me on as a freelancer during my final year in college instead of hire a designer to replace him. It was here that I started to gain my footing for project management, photography, print/digital work, and product development. I even progressed to working with overseas factories directly to supervise/approve samples and specifications.

You can find some of my product and this other product still being sold...

My first product development project. I wanted these pens to rest nicely in a user's hand and still view the pansy as it would in nature. Pens were to be sold wholesale but we also investigated producing them for individual gift sales as well.

Added to the success of the Pansy Pen, I started development on another flower variety, this time a poppy.


fab Collection

I was also responsible for working on a small collection of accessories for sale. The patterns and colors are all my work and really stood out in Xonex's product/collection line-up at the time.

Xonex's 2009 wholesale product catalog.

2008 Tradeshow Booth Graphics

2009 Tradeshow Booth Graphics

2009 Website Re-Design (all hand-coded)